What is the main difference between low voltage dc motors and other types of electric motors?

Technika a zariadenia

The world of technology is interesting to many of us. Those who devote themselves to developing new technologies during their studies and then in professional life are constantly working to make our lives more comfortable and bring us a higher quality. It may seem simple to develope a common part for a phone, car or industrial machine. But the opposite is true. Programming machines for their smooth functioning is also not easy and it is a lot of work. Today we see as a normal part of our lives that we can shop online or make phone calls with a camera. A few years ago, however, it was not so common. Electric motors are also rightly considered a great invention. They allow machines in the industry work more efficiently and faster. Come with us to see what low voltage dc motors are and when we can use it.

Low voltage dc motors and other types of electric motors

Low voltage dc motors and the other type of electric motors
Main function of low voltage dc motors

Have you even think about the new technologies? It is very interesting that exist some devices which are able to turn electricity into motion? You can see it everywhere around you and maybe you do not realize that. One of these devices is an electric motor. Producers of electric motors specialize in three basic types:

–          Low voltage dc motors

–          Medium voltage motors

–          High voltage motors

Voltage is the main difference between these types of electric motors. Low voltage dc motors have voltage from 200 V to 690 V. Producers have to indicate electric motors by regulation EU 2009/125/EC and the technical standard IEC/EN 60034. Low voltage dc motors have several different fixed rotation speeds. They are usually fitted with continuous speed control where is needed frequency inverter. Speed of rotation can be reduced by using some types of mechanical gearbox. The most popular electric motor is electric motors with an aluminium frame. You can buy it as low voltage dc motor too.

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