What are low voltage motors?

Technika a zariadenia

In general, we consider an electric motor to be a device that converts electrical current into mechanical work. Electric motors are divided into several types, one of them and it was exactly the electric motor for alternating current invented by Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was an inventor and designer of various electrical machines, who came from Serbia. Electric motors are also classified according to whether they are low voltage motors, medium-voltage motors and high-voltage motors.

What is the definition of a low voltage motor?

Definition for low voltage motors
Rotor and low voltage motors

As we have already mentioned, electric motors convert electric current into mechanical movement. Each electric motor consists of two basic parts – a stator and a rotor. Their use can be seen in the industry. High-quality electric motors comply with the regulations on energy efficiency. When choosing a suitable electric motor, pay particular attention to its quality and the quality of the materials from which it is made. If you want to have a service from the manufacturer, ensure energy efficiency throughout your lifetime, you want to have reliability and safety, you have to choose the best quality electric motors. According to the professional public and widely understood, low voltage motors can be considered to have voltages below 1,000V. One of the IEC standards also agrees with this definition, which also defines a low voltage motor as an electric motor with voltage up to 1000V.


What can you not forget when choosing an electric motor?

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